A Tenth of a second

That's how long it takes our brains to determine traits like trustworthiness. And within seven seconds of meeting you, people have already formed their opinion of you. So quality, consistent corporate apparel for your essential workers is... well, essential. And we've been successfully outfitting essential workers for more than 50 years.

Because Trust Always Happens At First Sight™

What We Do...

We provide world-class uniform programs that evoke trust between you and your employees and between your employees and your customers.

Isn't that what a good uniform should do?

At FIRST SIGHT, we believe all essential workers are heroes. And everyone knows that Heroes wear uniforms.

The right uniform look and feel can be the difference maker in improving employee satisfaction and delivering excellent customer experiences.

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Who We Are

At Galls, we've been creating and delivering the most complex uniform programs in the country for 50+ years for over one million frontline heroes including: US Military, First Responders, Public and Private Security, and many others who serve our communities today.

That's why we started FIRST SIGHT, to extend this world-class expertise to all organizations with uniform needs. Because we believe that your employees deserve to look and feel like everyday heroes.

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